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Discover Etadly, the practical property inspection app to facilitate the creation of your digitized property condition reports

Etadly is an online property inspection app (web app) designed to be accessible from any web browser on a smartphone or tablet.

A simple browser is enough, but it's also possible to install it on a smartphone. This applies to property inspections for real estate agencies as well as individuals! This property inspection app allows you to do your incoming or outgoing property condition reports online and thus save time.

Whether you're an individual or a real estate professional, Etadly is the ideal app for performing entry or exit property condition reports. With an extremely simple and intuitive interface, it helps you quickly create property condition reports with annotated photos.

How to use Etadly: the property inspection app

Example of a property condition report created with Etadly

Here is an example of a digital property condition report made with our property inspection app:

free property inspection app 


Perform entry or exit property condition reports more quickly

With the Etadly app, property condition reports are faster to complete and without errors. The idea is for you to save time, while offering increased accuracy thanks to annotated photos!

Finally, the PDF is received by each signatory as soon as the property condition report meeting is over.

To create a better entry (or exit) property condition report:

To create a digitized property condition report, there's no need to install an app to download: simply go to your Etadly dashboard:

  • Create a property in your Dashboard by adding the property address, the address or head office of the landlord, as well as the inventory that will be included in the property condition report.
  • Enter the contact information for the signatories, the rental details (amount of security deposit, number of keys...) and take photos of each area you want to document the condition of.
  • Circle up to 5 observations per photo that you want to comment on. It's easy and intuitive.
  • Sign directly on the screen of the device and the property condition report is sent as a PDF to both signatories directly by the app.
  • The owner receives a confirmation email when the tenant has downloaded the property condition report.

The advantages of a property inspection app with photos

Etadly allows you to create a property condition report with photos extremely easily!

Photos are more descriptive than describing wall A, wall B, wall C!

best value for money for a property condition report software

With annotated photos, there's no need to scan each room wall by wall...

In addition, taking photos provides a sense of security and impartiality to the tenant who will be reassured and more likely to take care of the property.

But on Etadly, it's also possible to evaluate the condition of the property by rating the elements from 1 to 4 (paint, floors, windows, as well as furnished inventory, etc.)

Evaluation of the condition of the apartment

A defect in the property?

If you notice a defect somewhere in the apartment, or on the contrary, a new item to mention? Simply take a photo and tag that element directly, then add the information (scratch, stain, wear, new...).

In 2 clicks, it's precise and done.

Secure electronic signature by SMS and automatic sending to the tenant

The signature on a smartphone or tablet is secured by SMS to authenticate the provided phone number.

The secured document is then sent to both parties. A confirmation receipt is sent as soon as the tenant has downloaded their property condition report.

PDF format and compatibility with Adobe Acrobat

Extended compatibility for maximum convenience: our software generates your property condition reports in PDF format, widely recognized and usable on any device.

The documents sent to the tenant and the owner are therefore compatible with Adobe Acrobat, allowing you to view, modify and archive them with ease.

Unlimited free trials

A test property is available in the free version to try out the app. You can create as many property condition reports as you want on this fictitious property for free.

It's totally free.

This allows you to get a free idea of how the tool works and test it in the field before the day of the appointment.

Here are also some other tools that also create property condition reports. Try them out to compare!

property inspection app for tablet

A multi-platform software

Smartphone, computer or tablet?

best property inspection app

Etadly is compatible with all platforms, you can easily start the property condition report on a computer running Windows or Mac OS and finish it during the appointment on the day with a Google or Apple smartphone or any tablet (Surface, iPad...)

Our clients often prepare the inventory on a computer before the appointment and only have to take photos and sign the property condition report on the day of the visit.

This flexibility makes Etadly an essential property inspection app for tablets and smartphones.

Which tablet for a property condition report?

When creating a property condition report, the choice of tablet depends mostly on the software or app you use.

In the case of Etadly, it's a non-issue.

Indeed, Etadly is a web app that is not intended to be installed from the Apple Store or Google Play Store: it is accessible from any web browser (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari...), whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can use Etadly on both iOS and Android devices.

So, whether you have an Apple, Samsung, Lenovo or other tablet, you can create your property condition reports with Etadly without any problem.

A safe and reliable property inspection app for your real estate properties


With Etadly, the photos of your property condition report appear as they are taken in the interface.

Even if you get disconnected by mistake or due to the network, they are saved in real-time! 🥲

So you can see the photos that are taken and that will appear in the final PDF.

Evaluation and inventory

You evaluate each element carefully (poor, average, good, excellent condition)

In this respect, the app acts like a dynamically modifiable PDF.


Signatures are done on the smartphone and are directly applied to the final document. The owner receives a confirmation receipt as soon as the tenant has downloaded the property condition report.


Signed documents do not remain accessible online without protection.

To view it via the link indicated at the bottom of the PDF, you need to know the exact date of the property condition report. Like here for example:

Price level

App with pay-as-you-go pricing: only pay for what you use

With Etadly, you only pay for what you use.

No subscription with automatic renewals, no sales team to sell you more, and no need to send us a registered letter to cancel a subscription you no longer want.

Our DNA is to make things SIMPLE and efficient from A to Z!

Your property condition reports are charged per unit. The prices are simple and can be viewed directly on the home page:

Between €3.9 and €4.9 / property condition report and no additional payment per user.

How to calculate a professional property condition report?

For comparison, to understand how to calculate the cost of a property condition report for the tenant when it is done by a professional, let's take the example of a 30 m² studio apartment.

The total cost of the property condition report is set at €120 including tax.

First, we divide the total cost in two, so €120 / 2 = €60.

Then, we calculate the maximum amount the tenant may have to pay by multiplying the surface area of the property by the cost per m², so 30 x €3 = €90.

The final amount charged to the tenant will be the minimum of these two prices. In our example, the tenant would pay €60 for the property condition report.

A calculator is available to calculate the cost of a property condition report chargeable to the tenant.

Who can use the Etadly app for their digital property condition reports?


Etadly is aimed primarily at individuals who want to simplify their property condition reports. Whether they are landlords or tenants.

Property condition report professionals

But it is also the ideal partner for furnished rental property owners, concierge services or agents.

Indeed, any professional working in real estate can also use it: real estate agent, notary, lawyer, social landlord, association... With its features designed to save time, our web app allows you to focus on what really matters: client satisfaction.

In fact, we ourselves are also trying to best meet the expectations of our own clients: if you would like to see a new feature added, contact us, and we will consider your request.

To get a more precise idea of how the app works, there are two solutions available to you

The discovery is free and without any commitment.

The strengths of Etadly

In summary:

  • Its ease of use and intuitive interface,
  • Data is shared on the cloud with the tenant,
  • No need to print anything,
  • Simple reminders of the points to check: you are guided while remaining free,
  • No subscription, pay-per-use with an excellent quality/price ratio,
  • Works with all tablets and smartphones on the market,
  • An encrypted and signed PDF sent automatically with confirmation receipt.


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