How do I test the application?

Each account created (for free) automatically has a property called "TEST PROPERTY". You can create as many inventories as you want for this property. These will be limited because: you will not be able to modify the signatories and you will only be able to add two photos on this inventory of fixtures. When it is signed, you will receive both the landlord's copy and the tenant's copy on your account email. The test statement of conditions is deleted after one month.

How long are the purchased credits valid for?

The credits you have purchased to perform home inventories do not have an expiration date. You can use them later.

Are the purchased credits refundable?

No, purchased credits are non-tangible and are not refundable. Even if you delete your account.

What are the minimum system requirements to use Etadly?

An Android 10 phone with Chrome or iOS 14 with Safari. The device must have at least 4GB of RAM (random access memory) to be able to take pictures properly.
If you encounter any problems, please visit our help center.

How many photos can be taken on a property inventory?

For the test property: 3. For the other properties: as many as you wish. No limitation except the time you spend taking pictures.

Can I use a tablet to do my inventory?

Of course you can! All that is required is that the tablet has a mobile data connection (wifi, connection sharing or 4G chip)

I am a tenant; can I offer this service to my landlord?

Of course! Using photos for an inventory of fixtures is more secure for the owner but also for the tenant. The use of the site is primarily intended for landlords but the service can also be used by tenants.

Can I manage property as an owner AND as an agent?

Yes, you can. As a real estate agent, for example, you can sign an inventory of fixtures as an agent or as a landlord.

Who is this tool for?

Etadly is designed for private individuals who want to benefit from an easy, practical and affordable service to make an inventory of fixtures. However, Etadly is also designed to satisfy real estate professionals who have been delegated a management mandate to proceed with the rental management of the property. You don't have to be an agency or a property manager to use Etadly.

Is Etadly compatible with iOS? Android?

Etadly does not install on the stores (Apple Store or Google Play Store). Etadly is a website accessible from a web browser. Whether it is on a laptop, a touch tablet or a smartphone. Therefore, yes, Etadly is compatible with iOS and Android.

How do I customize the layout of the inventories?

You need to create a company (accessible from your account or at the bottom of the sidebar) and then one or more teams within that company. You will then be able to customize the appearance of the reports for each team in your company.

Is there an Etadly app?

Not yet. But it would (at this stage) only bring a minimal added value for the user.

What if there is no coverage in the home?

This is the main limitation of our tool and we are aware of it.
Unfortunately, Etadly does not work offline - for the moment - but we are working on it. If you can't get a signal in the property you need to survey, the only solution is to take all the photos and observations and then find a place that has a data connection and add the photos to the survey.


How is the pdf certified?

The pdf is encrypted so that no pages can be deleted or added. With today's technology, it is always possible to modify a pdf by copying it (however encrypted it may be). Two types of security are available: 1/ a digital signature called DATA-INTEGRITY, displayed in Adobe Acrobat's signature panel, certifying that the document has not been modified, and 2/ an e-mail with the pdf as an attachment, as proof that the document is the original.

How do I complete the inventory of fixtures within 10 days or one month?

Etadly does not allow amendments to the pdf after signing. We have provided a free handwritten text area for this purpose. You have to print the document and sign it with pen paper.

How long are the inventories kept?

The statements of condition are kept for practical purposes but Etadly is not a storage service. The statements of condition are sent to the parties by email as soon as they are signed. The signatory acting as the owner (or the owner's representative) receives an acknowledgement of receipt by email as soon as the tenant (or his representative) has downloaded the document. It is up to each signatory to keep these emails as proof of signature. In case of dispute, a simple bailiff's report is enough to compare your copy with the email received and kept. If you delete your account for example, the statements of condition will no longer be accessible on the site.

Is the generated pdf editable on the site?

Short answer: no. Long answer: no, the generated pdf cannot be modified on the site. The only legal modification could be in case of request from the tenant after the first heating period (according to the regulation in force in your country) but we chose not to propose this functionality. For this, you have to print the document and add handwritten notes.

Is the inventory of fixtures available in clear text on the Internet?

No, even with the link, you need an authorization key to read the data. This key is automatically generated by the site from the moment the visitor has the date of the inventory of fixtures.
The photos and signatures are all deleted from the moment the signed document is generated.


From a GDPR perspective, how do you ensure that my data and the tenant's data are protected?

Your data is protected by your password and your email address. Do not give your password to anyone.
The pdf of the inventory of fixtures is accessible by a link with a unique identifier of 36 characters. In order to add an additional security, it is necessary to know the date of signature of the inventory of fixtures in question to be able to access it.

What information does the tenant have access to?

The tenant must have the address or registered office of the lessor and any agents. He does not have access to the interface of administration of the property or the inventory of fixtures. He will simply have a link to download the inventory of fixtures if needed.

Is it certain that the inventory of fixtures has been received by the tenant or his agent?

As long as the signatory landlord (or his representative) has not received an acknowledgement of receipt by email from the tenant (or his representative), he cannot be sure that the tenant has received the document sent. But in general, it goes quickly (not more than 3 minutes). It is also possible for the most forward-thinking persons to print the inventory of fixtures on paper and to give it in person but the process loses its appeal.

What happens to the photos taken and the signatures after the pdf is generated?

Photos and signatures are deleted immediately after the pdf is generated.

Why do I have to fill in my address on my account?

Because it is a legal obligation (in France anyway): the inventory of fixtures must include the address or registered office of the lessor and any agents. The address you enter in your account is the address that will be used by default for the created properties. If you are an agent, you will have to replace this address with your clients’ address at the time of the creation of the property.

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