This site was born from a need: ours.

Good rental management means first of all preventing difficulties and reducing the risk of litigation concerning the return of the deposit.

To do this, a good property inventory must be drawn up at the beginning and end of the rental period.

But, of the applications that exist, none were suitable:

  • Not compatible with Android,
  • Or not compatible with iOS,
  • With a monthly subscription,
  • Design from the 2000s,
  • Too expensive,
  • Reserved for professionals,
  • ...

So we rolled up our sleeves and created a simple, comprehensive and robust tool.

Etadly is an SaaS (Software as a Service) platform dedicated to property surveys. And only for inventories.

We tested Etadly on our own properties and those of our relatives. After adjustments, the result was beyond our expectations.

Safe, efficient, customizable, here is Etadly !

Property inventories made quick and easy

Test the tool before you pay