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Last updated   updated on 06/08/2024
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Discover our free and simplified inventory templates, downloadable in Word format and exportable in PDF, perfectly suited for all types of real estate. Whether you manage a furnished or unfurnished rental, our forms are designed to meet all your requirements.

This template generator includes all the mandatory mentions for a valid inventory.

Printable Inventory Form

Inventory Templates to Download for Free:

  • Simplified Model: Ideal for a quick and efficient process.
  • Furnished Property Inventory: Includes a detailed inventory of furniture.
  • Unfurnished Property Inventory: Specifically designed for empty rentals.
  • Practical Guides: Learn how to effectively carry out entry and exit inventories.


Simplified Inventory Form to Print


Available Downloads

The above forms allow customizing the free Word templates and downloading:

  • an Unfurnished Property Inventory
  • a Furnished Property Inventory
  • a Studio Property Inventory
  • a T1 Property Inventory
  • a T2 Property Inventory
  • a House Inventory
  • ...and much more!

Printing and writing a paper inventory is often laborious. Before you start filling out this PDF form, try the Etadly tool: a digital inventory is easier and becomes child's play!

Property inventories made quick and easy

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